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Here are some of our terms & conditions!

User Agreement

1. By booking a helper/staff through Broomees India, the user (customer) is entering into an agreement with the provider (Broomees India) for a validity of the number of months as per package selected from the date of start of the service

2. Broomees India will provide the customer the following upon the payment of our charge: • COVID test reports • Police Verification report after 2 days of date of joining of the helper • Aadhar verification report • Background verification report • Transportations-cab tracking link • Covid - Hygiene kit • Replacement guarantee

3. Broomees India will provide a replacement guarantee during the period of this agreement. The period of replacement will not exceed 10 days from the date of release of the last helper sent by Broomees India

4. The helper will be vetted by Broomees India through Aadhar verification and testimonials (if provided) by previous employers of the said helper

5. Broomees India will provide trained and professional helpers as per the industry standards.Broomees India is, however, not liable for any untoward incidents like theft, illegal activities, damages,etc. Broomees India will assist in filing a police complaint if the situation requires such a step in addition to blacklisting the helper from its database and partner database websites

6. By agreeing to these terms of use, the client agrees to behave in an appropriate manner and not torture the helper mentally or physically in any way

7. The helper has the right to get fresh and timely meals, clean and hygienic place to sleep, bathe and defecate etc.

8. The client cannot reduce the helper's salary for the same work agreement. If such a case happens,Broomees India has the right to withdraw their services and stop the helper from executing the services

9. The client cannot ask the helper to execute services other than the ones helper has been booked for as per the scope of work in the written communication. If the helper is asked to do additional work, it is up to the helper to agree to such work, at a cost additional to the existing pay that the client shall be liable to pay

10. In case of any replacements, the salary of the helper will be routed through Broomees India where Broomees India will raise an invoice and the client would be required to pay through the official payment channels of the company. Broomees India will not be responsible for any amount paid to the helper directly and will not count it is under compensation paid

11. Introductions are strictly confidential. If Broomees India introduces a candidate that the client then introduces to a third party, who hires the candidate on either full time or part time basis, the new client agrees to pay Broomees India the placement charges and the former agreement with the original customer stands cancelled

12. The salary of the helper will be in INR per month with standard working hours per day, during the period of agreement. (hours and salary to be decided by client at the time of interview with helper)

13. The salary of the helper will have to be paid in full for the number of days worked. The decided salary cannot be reduced at any point of time due to any reason. A day would be counted as a working day even if the helper has worked for an hour on the specified day, even if it happens to be the day of termination of the helper’s services

14. Broomees India has the right to ask the client for their and their family members’ RTPCR reports to ensure helper safety

15. Broomees India has the right to ask the client for their ID and address proof to ensure helper and company’s safety

16. General sickness, ongoing viral, flu etc. contracted during employment is under the scope of the client and Broomees India will not be liable to arrange for additional tests or transportation for the same

Refund and Replacement Policy

These are the terms of use for refund and replacement for DOMESTIC HELP/ COOK/ CHEF/ BABYSITTER/ ELDERLY CARETAKER/ DRIVER/ GUARD/ OFFICE STAFF or any other services availed from Broomees India

1. Replacement will be given to the customer subject to the following issues faced by them, only in case the helper provided by Broomees India: A. is not skilled for the job B. is unwilling to work C. has behavioural issues or has medical conditions which cause an issue with the work or could be a concern for the client or their family members

2. During the period of agreement, replacements will be provided at no additional charges.However, the transportation charges (within the state of booking) will be borne by the customer for all replacements

3. Refund will be provided ONLY if Broomees India is not able to find a replacement even after 10 days have lapsed after the date of release of the last helper supplied by Broomees India, for the same scope of work and hours as decided earlier, according to the following heads:

Items for LIVE IN HELPER Price
12 months’ replacement guarantee (PRO RATA) INR 4000 (1st month) + INR 22,000 (11 months)
Covid Test (Rapid + RTPCR) INR 800
Helper's Police Verification INR 1250
Helper's Background Verification INR 500
Helper's Aadhaar Verification INR 500
Helper's Transportation (Uber) INR 750
Helper's Quarantine Stay & food INR 888
Hygiene and Covid kit INR 300
Items for NON - LIVE IN HELPER Price
3 months replacement guarantee (PRO RATA) INR 4500
Helper's Police Verification INR 1250
Helper's Background Verification INR 500
Helper's Aadhaar Verification INR 500
Helper's Transportation INR 500
Hygiene and Covid kit INR 500

4. No replacement or refund would be provided if: A. The helper at any point of time during the period of service is mistreated or abused, eithermentally or physically or is made to work for more than 10 hrs a day against their will B. The customer decides to relocate out of Delhi-NCR and the helper is not willing to relocate, or if the client tries to relocate the helper to any other accommodation (even within Delhi NCR) without informing Broomees India C. The customer decides to hire a replacement from any sources other than Broomees India D. The helper or Broomees India is not logically at fault and it’s only the customer’s wish to cancel the agreement E. The helper wants to discontinue the work (for any reason) and leave the client’s premises, of which the client has been informed by Broomees India, and the client is holding on to him/her against their will F. There has been a change in scope of work or the salary of the helper without intimation or approval of Broomees India

5. In case of replacement, the client cannot change the job description of the helper.If such a case happens after informing Broomees India, Broomees India will try to find a relevant helper, however, a refund will not be applicable in this case

6. In case of replacement, the salary of the replacement profile cannot be lower than the salary decided for the previous helper supplied by Broomees India

7. All solicitations are subjected to Delhi Jurisdiction only

8. The last right to terminate a contract without any compensation lies with Broomees India


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*Replacement guarantee ensures that you always have a Broomee suited to your work, for the period of booking! If the assigned person leaves the job, it is our duty to find you a replacement.

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