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I have good experience with Broomees. I was searching for a reliable cook but with limited references and verification issues, I was stuck. Broomees helped me by providing verified and Experienced cook. She is very polite and humble.


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Living alone in a big city like Delhi, it's great to have the support and comfort that Broomees gives. I've been able to get help very easily , and have got a lot of help from their customer service.


Professional & perfect

We have a seamless and superb experience with them. The domestic help provided by them is well mannered and meets the expectations. They are responsive and not like other placement agencies.


Amazing experience

Dedicated RM for my requirement,easy to communicate through RM. Everything handled directly by the company from salary to advance or keeping track of leave. Totally professional

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1: Choose your desired service, fill in your requirements and make a booking on our platform.
2: Confirm your requirements with the relationship manager assigned to you.
3: Sit tight while our relationship manager finds the right fit for your home.

While all our helpers undergo an intensive verification regime before being certified as a Broomee, we still believe that there’s always room for improvement. In order to ensure that you obtain the optimum fit for your home, we provide an ‘unlimited replacement’ policy as part of your membership. Just reach out to your relationship manager or mail us at

The average wage of our helpers is completely dependent on your requirements and location. It can vary anywhere between ₹4,000 to ₹25,000/per month.

Unlike maid services/agencies we don’t charge a hefty commission fee from our clients, just a nominal booking amount. The entire wage as estimated by our wage estimation matrix(based on the Minimum Wages Act Of 1948) is paid in full to the helper.

Every Broomees helper goes through a thorough background check using their Aadhar and police records, and is only sent to your homes after a successful vetting process.

In order to ensure your safety, every Broomees helper goes through a RT-PCR test and are sent to your home via a private cab.

Domestic Help in Bangalore: Balancing Quality and Affordability

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is home to thousands of people, who live and travel in and out of the city. With the rise of tech giants and a booming economy, the current generation is dedicated to their work and masked with responsibilities. Amidst this, there is a dire need of domestic help to handle their household works and take care of dear ones. From Japa nannies and cooks to housekeepers and all rounders, domestic workers play a crucial role in the daily lives of many Bangaloreans who prefer to hire the best domestic help near them for the job. However, finding the right balance between quality and affordability when it comes to hiring domestic help can be a daunting task. On one hand, families want reliable and skilled domestic workers who can assist with household chores, but on the other hand, they also have to consider their budget and ensure they are not overpaying for these services. So how can families in Bangalore strike this careful balance? Here are a few suggestions: 1.Identify Your Needs: Spend some time defining your needs before starting your hunt for domestic help in Bangalore. Determine which particular jobs you need help with, as well as the degree of expertise and experience needed for each. This will enable you to focus your search and identify applicants who best fit your requirements. Domestic helps offer a wide range of services like cooking, babysitting and housekeeping. Based on the services they provide, location of site and living expenses, their pay can also vary with each service being offered at different wages. Hence it is better to set your priorities straight and hire the right domestic help in Bangalore for the job. 2.Seek Recommendations: When it comes to locating a reliable domestic help near you in Bangalore, word-of-mouth referrals may be a very effective technique. Consult your neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances for suggestions. They might be able to recommend reliable people or organizations that they have prior acquaintance with. You can also have a look at online forums and domestic help hiring platforms, check their reviews and get exposed to clients and their testimonials. 3.Think About Flexibility: In certain situations, finding the ideal balance between quality and price may need some degree of flexibility. You can save expenses without sacrificing quality by doing things like employing part-time domestic help or full time domestic help in Bangalore. You can even hire an all rounder domestic help in Bangalore or full day domestic help by your own terms or by pooling resources with neighbors or friends. Certain domestic help agencies in Bangalore even offer services for specialized events and ceremonies like Kuan Pooja, Annaprashan and baby showers. This allows new mothers to rest free and prepare a grand event to celebrate with their dear ones. 4.Invest in Training: If you come across a candidate who satisfies your prerequisites but is lacking in certain knowledge or expertise, think about giving them mentorship or training to enable them to acquire those skills. For both you and the domestic house help, this might be a win-win situation. You can give them specialized training, tailored to meet the needs of your household whereas domestic helpers can learn from you and improve their skill sets. You can also provide them with enough tools like vacuum cleaner, brooms, flexible mops to execute their work dutifully and efficiently. This increases their caliber and we can rest assured knowing that our household is in good hands. 5.Open Communication: Keeping a good and fruitful relationship with your domestic help requires open communication and transparency. From the beginning, establish a courteous and open channel of communication for any challenges or concerns. Your domestic maid in Bangalore should be free to express their opinions and worries and handle tasks in a hassle free manner. Periodically checking their work progress, appreciating their deeds and allowing them to tailor their skill sets instills confidence in them to thrive more in your household. It could take some time, effort, and flexibility to find the ideal domestic help service in Bangalore that strikes the correct mix between cost and quality. You can confidently navigate the jungle of domestic help and discover a solution that works for you and your family by clearly identifying your needs, getting advice, using online resources, doing in-depth interviews, taking flexibility into consideration, investing in training, and being open with communication. If you feel the entire hiring process to be time consuming and troublesome, fear not! At Broomees, we provide online domestic help services, customized to your family’s needs at affordable rates. Contact us now to hire the right domestic help near you in Bangalore.

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    Shruti panday

    20 Yer 7 mon

    12th pass

    Current / Latest

    Baby sitter at School Of nursing

    May also know

    Pharmacy iquipment , typing document , computer lab system

    Shruti panday

    20 Yer 7 mon

    12th pass

    Current / Latest

    Baby sitter at School Of nursing

    May also know

    Pharmacy iquipment , typing document , computer lab system

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