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I have good experience with Broomees. I was searching for a reliable cook but with limited references and verification issues, I was stuck. Broomees helped me by providing verified and Experienced cook. She is very polite and humble.


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Living alone in a big city like Delhi, it's great to have the support and comfort that Broomees gives. I've been able to get help very easily , and have got a lot of help from their customer service.


Professional & perfect

We have a seamless and superb experience with them. The domestic help provided by them is well mannered and meets the expectations. They are responsive and not like other placement agencies.


Amazing experience

Dedicated RM for my requirement,easy to communicate through RM. Everything handled directly by the company from salary to advance or keeping track of leave. Totally professional

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1: Choose your desired service, fill in your requirements and make a booking on our platform.
2: Confirm your requirements with the relationship manager assigned to you.
3: Sit tight while our relationship manager finds the right fit for your home.

While all our helpers undergo an intensive verification regime before being certified as a Broomee, we still believe that there’s always room for improvement. In order to ensure that you obtain the optimum fit for your home, we provide an ‘unlimited replacement’ policy as part of your membership. Just reach out to your relationship manager or mail us at

The average wage of our helpers is completely dependent on your requirements and location. It can vary anywhere between ₹4,000 to ₹25,000/per month.

Unlike maid services/agencies we don’t charge a hefty commission fee from our clients, just a nominal booking amount. The entire wage as estimated by our wage estimation matrix(based on the Minimum Wages Act Of 1948) is paid in full to the helper.

Every Broomees helper goes through a thorough background check using their Aadhar and police records, and is only sent to your homes after a successful vetting process.

In order to ensure your safety, every Broomees helper goes through a RT-PCR test and are sent to your home via a private cab.

Streamlining Household Management: All-Rounder Services in Bangalore Explained

Keeping up with work, family, and personal commitments can leave little time for household upkeep and duties in today's fast-paced environment of Bangalore. You get very less time to be with your loved ones amidst the process and end up having a mundane life. That’s when you need the help of a helping hand, to meet your household needs. Introducing the all-arounder maid service, a complete solution meant to reduce daily work burdens and simplify household administration. These multitasking maids provide a variety of services to help working people and families keep their homes tidy and peaceful, from cooking and cleaning to child care and senior care. Let’s examine what all-arounder maid services in Bangalore include and how they may help homes of all sizes as we delve into the subject in this blog. What are All-Rounder Maid Services? All-arounder services, sometimes referred to as comprehensive or full-service maid services, are intended to handle a variety of home duties at one location. In contrast to conventional maid services, which could focus on particular tasks like cooking or cleaning, all-arounder maid services provide a comprehensive approach to managing a household. Typically, these services consist of babysitting, housekeeping, cooking, elderly care, grocery shopping and so on. They can be hired as part time maids or full time maids in Bangalore as per your requirement. Benefits of All-Rounder Services Hiring an all rounder service in Bangalore can provide you several benefits like : 1.Convenience: All-arounder maid services provide unmatched convenience for busy individuals and families by combining several domestic chores into one service. For all of their household management needs, households may rely on a single point of contact rather than coordinating with several service providers. Whether you need the help of a cooking maid or a housekeeping maid, you can get them at a single stretch by hiring an allrounder maid. 2.Time-saving: Hiring a cleaning service from outside the house frees up important time that can be spent on other important things, like self-care, family time, or work. People can lower their stress levels and attain a better work-life balance as a result. You can also hire a 24 hrs live in service to ease your worry and always have that helping hand 24/7. 3.Expertise: Trained professionals with proficiency in cooking, cleaning, kid care, and elder care, all-arounder maids in Bangalore are adept in many facets of household administration. These maids are highly productive and provide all rounder service at a high standard thanks to their expertise and experience. Hiring a single allrounder service thus helps you save money and make a cost effective choice instead of hiring multiple maids at the last minute. 4.Individualization: Every household's unique requirements and tastes can be catered to with all-arounder services in Karnataka. Depending on your needs, the service can be tailored to meet your specific needs, be it daily, weekly, or monthly support, special dietary needs, or childcare needs. Let’s take the example of a cooking and babysitting all rounder maid service for instance. We can ask the same maid to make foods which we prefer while also making it clear that the baby's health is of utmost importance. In this way, a single allrounder maid can craft a dietary plan for both the baby and family and take care of the family's gut health. If you are in need of an allrounder service near you in Bangalore, check out Broomees. They provide a myriad of all rounder service options, customized to your preferences. Contact us now!

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    Shruti panday

    20 Yer 7 mon

    12th pass

    Current / Latest

    Baby sitter at School Of nursing

    May also know

    Pharmacy iquipment , typing document , computer lab system

    Shruti panday

    20 Yer 7 mon

    12th pass

    Current / Latest

    Baby sitter at School Of nursing

    May also know

    Pharmacy iquipment , typing document , computer lab system

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